Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Continues~

This week we are continuing our study of Autumn~
 Today we read A Tree for All Seasons, sang our song,
and observed our own maple trees.
I gave each one a paper plate which we divided into the 4 seasons in a year~
Then we (drew) weather for each because we are OUT of
construction paper and paint...
HOW does that happen?
Here are a few other photos I shot during our morning as well~
 Amazed and thankful everyday I get to be home with them~
 Watching them grow and learn right in front of my eyes~
 Becoming a family and the best of friends~
Tomorrow begins my FAVORITE 3 months of the year!!!
Bring it on October!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall~

We are a day late celebrating Fall but no one complained at all
when Evie asked, "Can we paint, Mom?".
Of course!!!
Now to make that go with Fall...
 We started with a book and viewed a few youtube videos~
then headed out with a nature bag and off for a nature walk.
Everyone collected a bagful of treasures and we began to paint and print~
 The art created was beautiful but believe me when I say the process was even more beautiful to watch!
Happy Fall to everyone!
We have some beautiful art to hang!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cutting Skills~

The bitty girls are ALL about scissors and cutting 
so we are using Kumon books to practice~
It has taken Holly a while to figure out how to cut
{mainly because she was deciding which hand to use}
 and Evie is a pro
SO when Holly cut her rainbow into a million pieces,
it was okay!
We just got a bag and saved the million pieces.
Cutting skills are flourishing here!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mapping It Out~

While eating out at the beach, EK spotted Visitor maps and grabbed one for everyone.
The next morning they wanted to glue them in their journals.
I opened one so we could explore and we began to find all the places we had visited~
They loved it so much we made lists of those places plus ones we wanted to visit.
As we drove around later, it was so fun to see the things we had spotted on our maps.
Sometimes THEY think of better ideas than I do!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Moments~

Mondays are a whole lot easier @ the beach.
As I sat praying and thinking how Great God is, He dropped a rainbow right in front of me~
 The kids started trickling out onto the balcony so we eased into our learning time.
I read about crabs from our Seashore Book and EK wrote about the crabs she caught yesterday~
 Some played War, cut playdough with scissors, played Math Dice, and Spot {animals}~
 After coming in from a long day on the beach~
They begged for more Uno math...
I would tally that as a SCORE!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beach Schooling~

Highlights of our school time...
Everyone started with journals and wrote about sharks~
{of course they did}
We LOVED our new Little Pear book~
 Taught them all how to play War with Uno cards~

 SO excited about these awesome puzzles I found at Target~
4 youngest LOVE these!!!
They are kind of pricey but really feel like they will play with them a lot!
All in all we LOVE Beach Schooling!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning on the Go~

Not gonna lie...
when I mentioned schooling at the beach, there were some big sighs 
so I decided to simplify and go with some ideas 

I read the most awesome quote this week for homeschooling
and I wish I had thought of it because it speaks of our family to a T...
We homeschool because we love the lifestyle
and so thankful it gives us the opportunity to Learn on the go!

Journals & Writing~
Each child will have their journals for sketching and writing about all things beachy~
I am taking watercolor color pencils which will be our art outlet when I give them a Qtip and water to add beauty.

Books, Books, and More Books~
My books~

Bible, Chapter Book, 2 FIAR books, and Seashore Book~

Books EK is reading on her IPad Kindle app~

AND today I figured out how to borrow ebooks from the library on the girls' IPad Kindles~
A few REAL books and a few digital... don't think we will run out. :)

Magnifiers for everyone to take to the beach each day~

Games and Math~
Taking all our Spot It games~
Pick and Draw, Uno, Story Cubes, Math Dice, and rulers for measuring sea treasures.

Playdough and scissors so bitties can continue fine motor work~

Kids will work on all their learning apps as well Kindle and Audible~
Bringing our bluetooth speaker and pencil sharpener~

Learning on the GO {In a Box}~
Pretty amazing to have a whole week for 6 kids in one box.

Not planning to be too structured and pretty sure we will NOT be getting bored.
Looking forward to all the amazing time we will spend just being together 
and playing on the beach!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I am a morning person and sitting with these 6 surrounding me~
makes it just a little sweeter!
Yesterday's celebration put us in the mood to read adoption 
and books about China so we pulled as many as we could find for the week~
We finished Little Pear today and ADORED it!!! so much,
we ordered Little Pear and His Friends to read next week
while we take Ankerich Academy on the road to the beach!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival~

One of the things we are committed to is perserving the heritage of our children by celebrating Chinese holidays with them.

Today is Mid Autumn Moon Festival {sort of like Chinese Thanksgiving} where families travel home to spend time together and eat Moon cakes.

They gaze up at the moon and think of the ones not with them.
I wonder if six families in China looked up and remembered the beautiful children they blessed with life???

Recently the boys knocked this beautiful scroll off their wall
and I had not hung it back.
It gave me an idea to do something a little different with the kids for school.
Always trying not to do the same thing over and over with them.
I put on some 12 Girls Band and we began a discussion of Chinese characters~
We played a Mandarin game on the iPad with Chinese numbers
and practiced writing them too.
Holly perked right up when she heard the numbers in Chinese.
She repeated them in perfect mandarin tone!
We all practiced counting in mandarin too.

We watched a couple of videos to learn all about Moon Festival
then made our Chinese lanterns.
We have made these many times and I can truly say the kids
never get tired of it... 
especially when we fly them through the house~

We had a serious discussion about birth families this morning
and many questions came up.
The sweetest statement came from SJ when she said,
"I wish you and dad had lived in China 
and we could have come out of your tummy like the big girls."
I love witnessing their thinking as they process their amazing life!
SO important we keep this convo ongoing in our everyday.

I took this photo of them holding their lanterns
and assured them of exactly what it says~
Dad and I LOVE YOU all always and forever!!!

My beautiful friend Jamie Becker shared~
"Adoption is a miracle born out of sorrow--
a story of redemption- 
one mother's deep pain, one mother's indescribable joy, 
and one child who has a VERY different future."

“In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace” (Ephesians 1:4-6)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chapter Book Reader~ {Boxcar Children}

Last night during the monsoon, EK announced she was going to read The Boxcar Children and she did~
She has listened to 17 Boxcar Children on Audible
and not just once... over and over!
I truly think listening to them over and over has helped her confidence level as well as fluency~

You know SJ needed to one up her so she grabbed her book too.

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.

–Maya Angelou

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Art & Music~

Today we experimented with a new art medium, watercolor pencils.
I let EK and SJ have the first turn and they loved it~
 While listening to Mozart~
Enjoying the arts while enjoying our morning!
{Plan to do some printmaking and printing on these as well}

Friday, September 5, 2014


There is a very cool front view of a house in the book Lentil which was probably built
 in the late 1800's in a French architectural style.
We talked about all the things we could see from the illustration
and compared to our own house.
I asked them how they thought a house was built...
lots of ideas and no one knew a plan was involved.

Just so happens we had a set of house plans and the kids LOVED looking at them.
After much discussion and boys deciding they were ready to build :)~
 I had each child take their journal and we all drew our house floorplan~
It was a fun time of new vocabulary 
and maybe new dreams of what they want to be when they grow up.
Might just have some architects and builders in our future.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bank$$$~

The author of Brave Writer wrote of an editing strategy she used with her children when editing their writing.
They earned pennies when they were able to correct their own mistake.
I shared it with my SIL and thought...
I should do that with the boys for fun.

Not only would they learn important information,
they would begin to recognize, count, and know about money.
SO... I opened The Bank~
I explained that every time I asked the boys their name and they were correct with first and last, they would get a penny.
If they were able to add their middle name, they would get 2 pennies.
It didn't take long to get that skill down as well as trading 5 pennies for a nickel, 
2 nickels for a dime, and the big girls helped them with a quarter.
THEY also wanted in on the fun so SJ gave me the time every time I asked her
and EK spelled her contraction spelling words.

They are ALL loving the bank game and the best part?
They have taken it over asking each other and helping each other trade.

What are they working toward?
Why $.50 for those machines at the grocery store don't you know!
It has been a fun motivator and great way to encourage each other to learn 'their' skill!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Copywork and a Discovery~

First of all, having a beach trip on the calendar 
sure makes it much more fun to run change it each day~
Today we reread our book and decided the first line was a good one for copywork.
The bitty girls just worked on their name 
and Evie wanted me to draw the boys at the beach... haha.
She did all the tracing and coloring~
 EK wanted to write an imaginary story about a panda
so I had her dictate and I wrote it down for her in cursive.
I also wrote her a word list to fill in the blanks then she read the whole thing to me.
Big practice writing in cursive and then reading it~

 SK copied the first line of Lentil and changed it to be about her~
 When it came to the boys, I wrote for them and they traced the words and THAT'S where the discovery came to light...
they didn't know their whole name~
ERKKKK... slam on the brakes...
we have some LEARNING to do!!!
{Evie knew HER whole name AND their whole name... little stinker!}
Time for an intervention I had read in Brave Writer and just shared with my SIL to do with her son (sight words).
{Hint: the coins on their desks}
More tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lentil~ {Week 2}

I spent a good bit of time reading my new Brave Writer book
and gleaned affirmation of what we are doing
plus the encouragement to add in things I know are important but haven't included such as... 
Julie Bogart writes, "Copywork is the practice of choosing a selection from literature or a historical document and copying it over in your own handwriting."'
Copywork counts for writing. 
Before your child can be expected to produce from scratch, it's fine if he or she copies a master."

For Bible today we read our story then watched the preschool and elementary videos from NewSpring.
The truths were I will tell the truth and I can be a hard worker.
THIS was our copywork for today~
Boys and bitties traced what I wrote for them then drew a picture.
SJ copied my words and EK copied from card given at church.
They all drew pictures of something they to help at home.
EK~ Make her bed
SJ~ Fold clothes
WP~ Pick up toys at the pool
PC~ Clean out the dishwasher
Evie~ Picking up sofa pillows
Holly~ Scribble:)
It was a great day of writing where everyone copied from the Master alright... GOD!

Next was our FIAR book~ Lentil.
We are rowing it again this week and today we watched a little video about Robert McCluskey.
I think it helps for them to know he was a real person and we are reading the very words he wrote.

We read the book again and I brought back our Mystery Box~
We finally guessed there was a lemon inside (Old Sneep in the book was slurping a lemon) 
which led to our anatomy lesson for the day... the tongue.
We researched it online and found there were 4 areas of taste.
They all wanted to taste the lemon (my fav~ sour!)!
We also tasted cocoa/bitter (they were tricked by the smell and it sent them running to get water:), salt/salty, and sugar cubes/sweet
Afterwards we made diagrams in our journals and labeled then wrote about our favorite taste.
A very fun experiment and they were begging for more sugar cubes. :)