Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I Don't Want to Forget~

Update on the bean experiment... 
everyone has roots and a little plant sprouting~
 They all run to them each morning and we are so excited to see growth!

Payne had a little accident last evening 
and he wrote a story about going to the ER in his journal~
Such a brave boy and doing very well today! 

SJ has had a little difficulty sounding short vowel words and today we had a huge breakthrough.
Up until now she was sounding words choppy j..a..m. 
so I suggested she stretch out the sounds in a smooth way j-a-m~
I wish you could have seen her face {that light bulb moment}
and all of a sudden reading short words wasn't so painful anymore.
Thankful to be the one to experience this beautiful moment!

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