Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Art in the Park~ {yard}

Today we changed up the location of Miss Rumphius and headed outside.
If you don't have a picnic blanket, I highly recommend getting a picnic tablecloth.
I picked mine up at Target and we use it for EVERYTHING from picnics, to art projects, to reading area under a tree, to playing on the lawn while watching Rosie's tennis match!

I grabbed the picnic blanket, a snack, and the book and we went out to read.

Afterwards we talked about Barbara Cooney's illustrating style and began painting our own lupines.
I found this link online and got started.

First we peeled crayons to create the background~
 Next we painted stems and began using our fingers with acrylics for the petals~
 {Evie thought this was the best day of her life!}

The budding artists~
A beautiful day for Art in the Park!!!

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  1. Gorgeous painting!! Looks like you've had a GREAT couple weeks with Miss Rumphius!! We are in a rut with the 3 R's....we need to wrap up the year with you guys!!! Blessings