Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day~

Today we took a new path for St. Patrick's Day.
I received a great link to the story of St. Patrick's life
and it was so cool to read what an amazing missionary he was~
~watched a video about Ireland
~ observed and studied map of Ireland
~read and wrote about St. Patrick
~painted shamrocks all over our work

Patrick is no leprechaun. He stands in history as the apostle to Ireland, just as Paul was 
an apostle. This March 17th, let's not forget the real Patrick. Kidnapped from his home 
and sold as a slave. He was called by God to take the name of Jesus and a hearty dose 
of forgiveness to his former captors. Used of God to start hundreds of churches and 
lead thousands of people to Christ. "Is it my own doing that I have holy mercy on the 
people who once took me captive?" said Patrick. "What I am I have received from God. 
And so I live among barbarians a stranger and exile for the love of God." 

A wonderful St. Patrick's Day!!!

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