Monday, March 31, 2014

Miss Rumphius~ {cont.}

There is just too much goodness to Miss Rumphius to row only one week so we are continuing it this week as well~

Monday is usually social studies/geography so we talked about the state of Maine and used our NEW Wonder Maps curriculum to print a map to trace and glue into our journals~ 
We located on various maps and talked about all state symbols.
I printed each a map from Wonder Maps and they chose a sharpie to trace the map's outline.
We labeled state, capital, land, and ocean plus colored them.

Next we threw in just a smidge of science~
Each folded a wet paper towel and placed in a ziploc bag.
We added 3 lima bean seeds and taped to our window.
We will be observing them over the next few days for changes...
just since this morning the seed coat is splitting and a sprout is appearing!!!
SO excited!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Friday~ {Library and Bookstore}

One of Miss Rumphius' jobs was being a librarian 
so we went on a field trip to the library for storytime~
and the bookstore!
The perfect Fun Friday for all my book loving kids!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miss Rumphius Connection~

Today we read Miss Rumphius again and it's amazing what the kids discover new each time we read.
We focused on the science of seeds and seed travel by watching a cute video... Sid the Seed and matching seeds to the plant~
Another great skill we often discuss is a connection we might have with a book.
I think Miss Rumphius just might be one of my all time favorite stories.
I LOVE the general theme of making the world more beautiful.
We each took turns thinking of ways we could do just this and I decided to tell them a story to illustrate {connect}~

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sharon Martin who lived on a dairy farm with her family.
She loved her life as a farm girl and had a family that encouraged her to chase her dreams.
She went to school, learned as much as she could, got married, and had three beautiful daughers, Savannah, Amelia, and Rosemary.

{THIS is when they realized I was telling a story about me. :)

My world was SO beautiful but I had two very sad days when two of my babies went to heaven to live with Jesus.
Sometimes in the sad times, God is able to bring us close enough to whisper His even more beautiful plan.
This is when HE put China in my heart and I started chasing the dream of each one of you!
He sent me to Chongqing for EK, to Fujian for SJ and WP, to Shanxi for PC, and Henan for EC.
And we aren't even done!

NOW I sit right here on the floor with you and am in awe of
God has given me in each of you.
Is my world more beautiful because of my life with dad and all nine of my children?
SO Beautiful!
So you see... My world is more beautiful all because of God's great plan to bring our family together in such a perfect way.
I can't imagine life without any of you and look forward to watching what God has planned for your lives as well!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Miss Rumphius~ {FIAR}

I pulled a FIAR book this week to emphasize the spring like weather we are experiencing right now.
We read Miss Rumphius and discussed the geography of setting (Maine) and all the places she traveled (land forms).
I divided the girls' journal page into fourths and had them illustrate then tell me something they knew~

As I was cleaning out our school closet, I found a notebook of ABC playdough mats and decided to use it as a sound songbook.
I sang the letter sounds with little littles and they loved it.
I really feel singing this with them each day will help them learn the CODE for reading~
(tune: Shortin' Bread)
A makes the a sound a, a, a, a, (short)
A makes the aaaaa sound, (long)
that starts alligator.
{They especially loved all the photos were animals!}

The boys had a great center time yesterday!
I was amazed how many letters they are learning and lower case to boot~
A couple of videos to celebrate~

Yay boys!!! What good role models you are for Evie!!!

I took this photo this afternoon when school was all done~
I Love watching them choose things like making a menu from magazine that came in the mail or creating art together.
Childhood~ a terrible thing to waste and thankful they are living it to the very BEST!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Poetry and Spring Wreaths~ {Fun Friday}

Today we read some Spring Poetry and enjoyed an art project for Fun Friday~ {Spring Wreath}
I saw a similar project online this week and threw my own spin on it.
Markers, paper plates with middle cut out, coffee filters, straws, water

I gave each one a coffee filter and they decorated each with markers any way they chose then I taught them how to collect water in a straw and drop onto filter causing a tie dye affect.
{Super fine motor work}
We punched holes in the paper plate and added each filter as flowers. 
Everyone worked on 5-6 and we hung them in the sunroom
Easy, cheap, and beautiful deco for Spring!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung~ {A Charlotte Mason Kind of Day}

Today we did about 2 hours of school then pulled our fav book about Spring~
We discussed and made a list of Spring signs then headed out for a Nature Walk~
We have some pretty beautiful signs all around our yard.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Language and Writing~

Some mornings I need the kids to get started on morning work while I finish up something and LOOK what WP did ALL by himself~
 Wrote his own name and drew a fire truck then narrated a story!!!
I wrote what he said and he traced.

I am using Language Lessons for both EK and SJ.
This is the book for SJ and today we read a poem The Robin, then pulled our field guide and read all about American Robins~
 She drew a tree with robins then dictated the facts she remembered and read it back to me.

The boys are doing SO awesome with a short circle a word book we have~
They really blow me away every single day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Caps for Sale~

Not sure the little littles are going to let me move onto another book anytime soon.
They LOVE Caps for Sale~
Especially Evie~
This is what schooling is all about!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day~

Today we took a new path for St. Patrick's Day.
I received a great link to the story of St. Patrick's life
and it was so cool to read what an amazing missionary he was~
~watched a video about Ireland
~ observed and studied map of Ireland
~read and wrote about St. Patrick
~painted shamrocks all over our work

Patrick is no leprechaun. He stands in history as the apostle to Ireland, just as Paul was 
an apostle. This March 17th, let's not forget the real Patrick. Kidnapped from his home 
and sold as a slave. He was called by God to take the name of Jesus and a hearty dose 
of forgiveness to his former captors. Used of God to start hundreds of churches and 
lead thousands of people to Christ. "Is it my own doing that I have holy mercy on the 
people who once took me captive?" said Patrick. "What I am I have received from God. 
And so I live among barbarians a stranger and exile for the love of God." 

A wonderful St. Patrick's Day!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

FIAR Helper~

It's a wonderful feeling to know I have a FIAR Helper when I need someone to read the story~
 And everyone listens!
Caps for Sale will be one of our favs for always!

What better place for playdough~
Than out in our outside classroom!!!
NO mess for me~ Score!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Schooling Mulitple Grades~ {Art & History}

Schooling a second, K/1, 2 PreKs, and a PS can get a little crazy at times so the more we can do together the better.
Today we continued our row of Caps for Sale.
We played Monkey See, Monkey Do and sang 5 Littles Monkeys~
 Sometimes I think some of this is so silly for EK but she's such a great sport and helper!!!
We pulled out the art bin and got creative with paper, paint, and sharpies~
 Monkeys in the tree~

As we waited for each step of our art to dry, we went back to our normal activites...
mainly for EK and SJ~ History
 We thought it was awesome that we started our unit on Benjamin Franklin just as we have been celebrating our very own little Benjamin. 
We read our portion and added photo with statement then I had EK dictate what she remembered.
THEN a very sweet someone gave us a 'Franklin' for our adoption fund and EK was SO excited we had just learned about him today!
I would say that is some pretty sweet enrichment!!!
PTL for His continued blessings in SO many ways! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caps For Sale~

Yep... it's been a while!
Between dr visits and a beautiful baby grandson being born I just haven't had time to post.
School has continued for the most part just not normal. :)

We have begun our unit in Apologia Land Animals about primates and decided we would row Caps for Sale this week!
Just reading it was FUN!!!
We had lots of great topics to discuss and had a test to see who could balance a book on their head while walking...
harder than it looks they all decided. :)

Our scripture focus is~
Proverbs 6:10
A little sleep, a little slumber,
    a little folding of the hands to rest.
 {Perfect one since we are adjusting to the new time. :)

This is a great read to tie to the great science topics we are covering.

AND since the weather is so beautiful,
we have opened an outdoor classroom option~
  School in or out... 
either one is fine as long as you're working.
The boys understood...
Evie not so much. :)