Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day~

Today I had a plan to follow our normal schedule with a couple of extra activities celebrating President's Day.

We did a little research on the IPad about President's Day and Mount Rushmore.
We sung our presidents song and named as many as we could from memory~
 My main idea for the day was a lesson about money.
I made copies of the main four coins and got a pile of real coins.
We used our magnifying glasses to observe, discuss, and match.
It was interesting to hear the various observations with the 5 kids.
I had a little song I taught them... My Piggy Bank.

I gave each little a traced pig and they cut it out.
We also cut our coins to glue on the piggy bank along with the song.
 I made up a game called Stack the Coins...
Each little chose a coin and stacked its matching coin.
We continued play until someone's stack crashed.
I liked how each child worked on various skills from recognizing each coin to EK counting up values of groups of coins.

 One of the things I love about schooling at home is Rabbit Trails...
{Allowing questions from the kids to move us into meaningful learning}.
EK is the queen of great questions...
"Mom, How is money made?"
SO we took a virtual field trip to a money factory~ SO interesting.
In the midst of the video, EK remarked how much the blanks looked like aluminum foil.
I had her get our roll and we opened up our own money stamping mint.
We glued each in our journal and labeled.
AND due to the Rabbit Chase, we didn't get all our regularly scheduled work done but I am pretty sure some awesome learning went on today!
Happy President's Day!!!

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  1. You do soooooo good with their school. What a fun mama!!!!!