Friday, February 21, 2014

Maybelle the Cable Car~

Monday was a great day of school and then the rest of the week happened... just a lot of appointments but today was a good day!
We LOVE Virgina Lee Burton books.
Perfect reads for the boys and just enough personification for the girls to really love them too!
On Tuesday we read The Little House and talked about cities, street signs, and set up a play area to role play.
Today I read Maybelle The Cable Car and I have to say it may be my very FAV of all
We plan to row this one next week too but today we focused on the theme of voting and ballots~
I introduced surveys to them...
I had each one grab their journal, think of a question they would like to ask, and then head off to collect their data.
PC, WP, and EC all chose Do you like orange/green/blue respectively Yes or No.
EK: Do you like black bears or brown bears?
SJ: Do you like unicorns or horses?
EK and SJ even texted several family members and waited through the day to compile their conclusions.
We talked most and least with the littles and a little more in depth with the older girls.
EK plans to transfer her data to a bar graph and I even want to show her how to make a pie graph using the computer.
SO many themes running through this book and look forward to another week to explore.

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