Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Schedule~

I LOVE having homeschooling mom friends to bounce ideas and curriculum with.
This weekend I was talking to Amber about struggles to be available for all the children and sometimes being frustrated.
She suggested doing some rotations and it has made our day flow so much smoother~

Our New Schedule:
8-8:30 Breakfast and Bible/Prayer/Memory Verse
8:30-9 Chores (Dishes/Dishwaser, Bed, Room, Clothes, Teeth)
9:00 Calendar and Songs
            ~Morning Work for EK and SJ                    ~Littles
                        Ring a Word                                                   Journals
                        Cursive                                                           ABC Work
                        Explode the Code                                          ETC
            *EK Piano lesson/practice
9:30 M~ FIAR
         T~ History (Beautiful Feet American History)
         W~ FIAR
         Th~ History (Beautiful Feet American History)
         F~ FIAR Fun Friday
10 Rotations {Littles do Centers on Shelf}
Language Arts~       
EK:      Grammar (Rod & Staff), Language (Early Lessons),  Reading (Zoobooks/response)
 SJ:       Language (Early Lessons), Reading (I Can Read & Sight Word Practice)

Both:   Centers/Listening Basket/
                                    Computer- reading eggs/spelling
11 Rotations {Littles go play in rooms}
                        EK and SJ:      Math~ MUS, Computer (Xtra Math) , flash cards
                                                Life of Fred on Mondays
                                                IPad school games
12 Lunch
12:30 Quiet Time with Jesus
12:45 Chapter book/ Science (Apologia Land Animals) 
1:30   Rest in Rooms or Outside
2 Outside Nature time/ Art/ Music
            *SJ Piano Lesson

I have deemed EK our schedule keeper and she does it SO well...
telling what is coming up and checking off as we complete~

The shelves are set up with EK/SJ's materials on one and the little 3 on the other~
 {They asked to have the desks out for a while... working at the table or on the floor}
We begin with our bible story and some activity to go with it.
This week they all got an activity sheet @ church so we worked on it~
SJ LOVES being the calendar teacher so we let her take that job!
EK and SJ work on their morning work while I do small group with little 3.
They are really doing great with letters, numbers, and fine motor work.

Usually EK is done before SJ so I send her the piano for a lesson/practice~
 We are alternating between FIAR and History each day.
Today we read The Little House and again and worked on maps.

It has been great to incorporate rotating between EK and SJ.
Having that one on one time with them makes their harder subjects a little less frustrating~
The little ones have really done well choosing activities from their shelf.
I am just letting them work until about 11 and sending them to play until lunch.

This week because our weather is in the high 60s we are eating lunch outside in the sun.
They really need the fresh air and so do I :)~
After Evie is down we all retreat into the sunroom for Science and our fav... chapter book reading.
Our afternoon is filled with art, music, or playing outside!
Pretty sure I hear every single day...
"I sure will be glad when the pool is open!"
{ME TOO!!!}

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