Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Gift of Nothing~

I found the sweetest book called The Gift of Nothing and thought it would make a great springboard for a discussion on gifts and giving~
 I read the book and we discussed so many ideas shared!
I had a little green gift box that contained 'Nothing'...
I had each one close their eyes and wait to be handed the Gift box.
Each one took the box and made a wish of what they hoped was inside.
When they opened it... Nothing~
In the end we decided we could always find something to do with our nothing.
I had some left over wrapping paper so we glued a piece in our journals and they lifted it to draw their gift 'wish' underneath.
We each wrote 3 clues and played the Gift guessing game~
 It was fun to wish and share our gifts.
Last line of the book~
"So Mooch and Earl just stayed still and enjoyed nothing and everything."
 Thankful my littles can pretty much make something fun out of anything... even a green gift box with 'Nothing' inside. :)

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