Wednesday, November 6, 2013

FIAR Book {Owl Moon and Goodnight Moon}~

For the next couple of weeks we are rowing two selections
as to give both age groups something on their level.
Yesterday for Goodnight Moon we read the book for enjoyment and I had them run around the house and touch lots of things we read. No pics but very fun!!!

Today we read Owl Moon for our second reading and luckily I had a tape and book from my teaching days.
It was nice to hear it read by the author Jane Yolen.
We discussed the Caldecott Medal on the front and relationship of the father and child.
We learned that Jane Yolen was from Massachusetts and most likely the setting of the story...
Home to beautiful forests with snow and lots of owls.

I used some drawing cards long ago when I taught school for the kids to use when they came in each morning and today I pulled them out for a drawing lesson~

I needed a big drawing area to model the process so what better area to use than the Window.
I talked about how big my drawing area was and I wanted to fill it.
I learned from an art teacher I once knew (Jackie Ellett) to allow kids to draw with Sharpies and their work would stand out to them.
SO true today... each one took such care with their work and I only helped Evie of course~
 I am going to order these awesome tempera cakes for the kids but for right now we used watercolors and they loved it.
Really need to let them paint way more than I do~
The owls turned out beautiful and they were all so proud of their work.
We attached them to a moon and hung in the sunroom to enjoy.

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