Friday, November 22, 2013

Free Friday~

Took the day to move our playroom back to the basement~
 I'd say that's a productive day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Writings~

Honestly writing is not EK's favorite thing to do but she is good at it and spells awesome.
Today I had them glue their photo from silhouette and write whatever she wanted to about herself~
I like to play with my dog. My dog's name is Sadie. Sadie is my best friend now because Fisher is gone. I love Sadie. I also have a fish named Louie. I got Louie when he was a baby. I love my pets. I have light skin and dark dark brown hair, brownish black eyes, and a big FAMILY. The End.

SJ on the other hand LOVES writing everyday mostly because she loves to read it to everyone.
I also asked her to write three sentences about herself and thought she would call me over to help but it wasn't anytime before she was ready to share {no help needed}~
 I am 6.
I like orliz. (oranges)
Mom is my favret prsin.
{When I say that last sentence took my breath away... I MEAN IT!}
I even had her read it again.
THAT is what LIFE is about... reminds me of a quote I often read on twitter~
"In this life we cannot always do great things. 
But we can do small things with great love."
~Mother Teresa
A small thing with great love... that pretty much sums up my sweet SJ!
LOVE being a mom to ALL nine of my beautiful children!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Silhouettes Tutorial~

Easy tutorial for making silhouettes...

I had each one sit in a chair near a window and just flash me a smile to get warmed up~
 Then I faced them to the side and gave a certain something to look at...
I filled the frame with their profile.
{May take a few shots to get the just the right side view}~
 Next I printed each photo on white copy paper and placed on top of a black piece of construction paper.
Very carefully I cut around the profile of photo and black paper.
When complete I had a beautiful silhouette.

I coated the back of the silhouette with rubber cement and while wet attached to manila paper... could use just a simple piece of copy paper~
Once completely dry, I hung them from a fishing line with clothespins.
I knew they were perfect when they kids came in from playing and EK said, "Mom, I really like the silhouettes!"

Language Idea~
EK is learning all about quotes and how they are written with quotation marks.
Today after I read Cranberry Thanksgiving, I had her go through and only read the words "spoken" by someone in the story.
She loved it.
Then she chose her favorite passage and recorded in her journal.
I think it was a much better activity than something suggested in her lesson.
 Tonight as I was writing this and she was looking over my shoulder reading every word I wrote, she saw HER quote from the day!
That is when you know real learning is sinking in!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cranberry Thanksgiving {FIAR}~

Cranberry Thanksgiving is one of our all time favorite stories 
and began our row with it today~
 My favorite activity to do with this book is create silhouettes of the kids.

Today I shot photos of them and have printed them to be cut out of black~
 Final product tomorrow...
can't wait to compare to last year!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Friday {Moon Day}~

Our day began with a final reading of Owl Moon and Goodnight Moon.
Familiar with both stories all were able to read along and help with words.
I had some info about the first astronauts and Appollo 11...
they were all SO surprised to know I was Evie's age when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. :)
Our first experiment was creating the moon's surface {flour} and dropping moon rocks {marbles} to make craters~
 And of course we all had to feel the moon dust and make craters with our fingers!
We also listened to information in our globe book!

Next was some discussion about earth rotation, revolving, and the phases of the moon.
We haven't really touched on anything space related so this was an introduction using a lamp {sun}, globe {earth}, and apple {moon}.
Everyone got to act out some part of the process~
 We learned the moon doesn't have its own light but reflects sunlight... the Bible tells us in
Matthew 5:16~
In the same way, let your light shine before others
that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
We discussed that we don't have our own light but reflect Jesus to the world around us just like the moon.
We confirmed we believe the Bible when it says in 
Genesis 1:16~

And God made two greater lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.

and NOT a video we watched that suggested the moon was made through a big explosion and the rocks came together to make the moon. No no no! 

HOW crazy is it that we ate at a restaurant this week that gave the kids Oreos for dessert and I asked them to save them...
NOT knowing we would use them for a Moon Phases 'cooking activity'!!!
This hands on activity really helped them understand just a little better~ 
Not to mention the eating oreos with milk brought big smiles!
After all was done, I interviewed each one separately and wrote down exactly what they said they learned.

You can skip reading this but wanted to record their words for our school scrapbook.

The moon can pull the ocean in and out causing low and high tide with its gravity. The earth is always spinning to make day and night. The moon is always near the earth. The earth revolvess around the sun to make the seasons. Astronauts went to the moon when mom was 4 years old. They went in a rocket ship and it took 4 days. The moon was covered in moon dust and the holes are called craters. There is no air to breathe and no gravity. There in no life on the moon. The moon has phases like new, crescent, half, and full. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. The shuttle was Apollo 11. I believe the moon was created by God!

The moon spins around the Earth. There is no gravity which means I would float away. The moon is a satellite that goes around the earth. The moon can be a crescent, a whole, or a new moon. That is the cycle of the moon. You can't breathe because there is no air. There is moon dust and when a rock hits it, a crater is made. Astronauts travel in a rocket ship.

Will Perry~
The moon gets light from the sun.
The moon gets bigger and bigger.
Astronauts go to the moon.
Wear helmet and space uniform.
There is no air on the moon.
The moon has holes called craters.

Payne Curtis~
The moon goes in a circle.
Bigger, bigger, tiny, tiny.
Moon goes to China and we have to watch it.
Rocket ship goes to the moon.
Wear helmet.
Put our finger in the sand and made a hole... crater.

The moon is round.
A circle.
God made the moon.

A Fun Friday Moon Day!!! 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Owls & Math~

Mondays seem to be a catch up day for us after the weekend especially when we have a big one 
so this morning I let them play and I got our house back in order.

When the younger three went down for rest, the girls and I got busy with school.
Today EK read Owls by Gail Gibbons and decided on some of her favorite facts then she drew the Great Horned Owl~
with three important things to remember.

When we came to math today they needed a little pick me up so instead of working in our journals~
 we grabbed markers and wrote on the windows.
THAT is the way to make the boring FUN!
Funday Monday!!!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

FIAR Book {Owl Moon and Goodnight Moon}~

For the next couple of weeks we are rowing two selections
as to give both age groups something on their level.
Yesterday for Goodnight Moon we read the book for enjoyment and I had them run around the house and touch lots of things we read. No pics but very fun!!!

Today we read Owl Moon for our second reading and luckily I had a tape and book from my teaching days.
It was nice to hear it read by the author Jane Yolen.
We discussed the Caldecott Medal on the front and relationship of the father and child.
We learned that Jane Yolen was from Massachusetts and most likely the setting of the story...
Home to beautiful forests with snow and lots of owls.

I used some drawing cards long ago when I taught school for the kids to use when they came in each morning and today I pulled them out for a drawing lesson~

I needed a big drawing area to model the process so what better area to use than the Window.
I talked about how big my drawing area was and I wanted to fill it.
I learned from an art teacher I once knew (Jackie Ellett) to allow kids to draw with Sharpies and their work would stand out to them.
SO true today... each one took such care with their work and I only helped Evie of course~
 I am going to order these awesome tempera cakes for the kids but for right now we used watercolors and they loved it.
Really need to let them paint way more than I do~
The owls turned out beautiful and they were all so proud of their work.
We attached them to a moon and hung in the sunroom to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This and That this Week~

I know I've said it before and now again...
The girls LOVE Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology!
 I save it for last each day as it motivates them to move along so they can get to it!

I have always believed writing to be a direct correlation to reading and vice versa.
As we began SJ's kindergarten year this year I had her draw anything she wanted and dictate to me. 
Really she was doing this last year. 
After the first week or so I would still write down her dictation but left space for her to copy underneath.

The next step was writing on her own by sounding out and I do this using magic lines.
Magic lines are just lines I draw to represent each word she says... giving her a visual for what she will write.
I think the gradual procession through these steps has been a super smooth transition because she comes to writing workshop ready to write~ (bottom photo)
You can see from the photos on top the boys are drawing and dictating each day too.
I drew a shape today on their paper and they used it to make something... trucks of course.
After drawing and coloring (have to use 5 colors because they are 5), I have them tell me about their story and I write the words.
They trace what I write and can {Read} them back to me.
Writing Rocks!!!

 Preschool Drawers~
I had an activity in which the boys and Evie would cut out 4 toys they wished for for Christmas and glue onto a sectioned paper plate...
the big girls couldn't resist doing it too.
I did have them label their toys and they had to find more than their age~
I also made it clear we wouldn't be getting all these amazing things... just wishing.
AND from the last photo in the collage I guess you can see Evie did a little hair salon work today.
{Luckily can't tell where and I am thankful!}

The boys absolutly LOVED the Build a City game today:
They rolled a die, counted the dots, built a building with unifix cubes, and placed on their street~
SO much good language went on with this activity!
"I rolled a 4" (picks up 2 and says "need 2 more".
Pretty sure that is addition and they don't even know it.
Also "This building is taller" or "shorter"...
I think the cool thing was by the end of their street, they were recognizing the dots without having to count.
SUPER Job boys!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November {The Thankful Month}~

I'm sure you've seen lots of 'Thankful' ideas to do with kids through the month of November.
This week we are adding a small step to our morning Bible time~
 As I picked up our prayer pail this morning, 
the words from 1 Thess 5:18 stuck out to me~
Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.…
 Give thanks.
SO for the month of November, we are thinking of one thing each day and writing it on a color stick... adding it to our prayer pail as a reminder of how many things we have to be thankful for as comparing to our many prayer requests.

I pray God uses this special time each morning to bring us in line with His scripture.
I am SO very thankful to be at home with my children each day!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Preschool Drawers~

November Drawers have been changed for the month~

ABC: Hot Dots Letters
Number: Match counters to Numeral
Writing: Magna Doodles with Magnetic Letters
Reading: Little Books 


ABC: Match Letter to Pumpkins
Number: Build a City: Roll die and build a building w/ Unifix Cubes
Fine Motor: Cut toys from magazine and glue one in each section
Game: Qwirkle- Match shapes
Reading: Little Books 


ABC: Clothespin Names
Number: Dominos- match number of dots
Fine Motor: Playdough Names with Play dough Stamps
Game: Leap Frog Game
Reading: Little Books


Number: Roll a Color and Count
Fine Motor: Dinosaur Puzzles
Reading: Little Books 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Candy Day {Fun Friday}~

First thing that popped out of Evie's mouth this morning was "My Candy?"
and this would be her lucky day since I had planned a very FEW candy activities for Fun Friday.

What would Candy Day be without a quick game of Candy Land?
We dumped all our candy and sorted into kinds placing them on sheets of construction paper~
 This might sound like a silly activity but for lots of kids {especially kids from hard places} it is often difficult to let their candy go into 'the big pile' but everyone did well.

EK labeled all the groups and SJ counted writing the number then we all talked about most, least, and equal.

Next we chose our fav and glued the wrapper in our journals writing while we enjoyed our candy... ONE piece. :)
Halloween has come to an end... time for the REAL fun to begin!!!