Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mountains Field Trip

Staying with Fall tradition we loaded the truck and headed out first thing this morning 
with apple orchards, pumpkins, waterfalls, and hiking on our minds.
Our first stop was Bryson's Apple Orchard in Mountain Rest, SC~
  We didn't make it very far into the orchard before the kids were picking apples and eating them. DElicious!!!
Everyone loved picking and carrying bags/buckets~
 Once we were loaded down with two buckets full, 
we chose a few things from the store {apple butter, apple salsa, and a couple of fried apple pies}~
Then we were back on the road looking for the other things on our list!
As we passed through Clayton we stopped @ The Dillard House to pet the animals~
 Probably the highlight of EK's day... petting the horses!
Back in the truck and on up the mountain toward Highlands.
Guess what we found? A beautiful Waterfall! 
With our field guide in hand, we began our Hike down to the bottom~
 And were thrilled to walk BEHIND the fall, crawl into a cave, and climb rock walls~
 All we could say is GOD is awesome to create such beauty!
Our next stop was the beautiful town of Highlands, NC~
 We walked around for a while window shopping and going in a couple of shops.
Then the kids spied a cute pumpkin patch so we let them play around for a while and chose our pumpkin... YAY, done!
We walked down to a local grocery, ordered some pizzas, and ate a picnic dinner outside.
After a day of travel through 3 different states, we were able to check off everything on our list:
Apple Orchard, Animal Petting, Hiking, Waterfall, Caves, Pumpkin Patch, and Ice Cream!
Around the Mountain and back Home! 
Safe and Sound!!

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