Monday, October 14, 2013

Funday Monday {Happy Columbus Day}~

Today we had a celebration to finalize our Columbus unit in our history curriculum {Beautiful Feet}~

I kind of took an easy path and sought out ideas on Pinterest. 
I found an idea of hand tracing for ships and changed it to hand painting adding details with markers, stickers, and coffee filters~
While we worked, we watched a couple of videos to reinnerate what we had learned already. 
The girls read a little book to the boys and then added it to their journals. 

Next we worked on a math little book and everyone wrote something they knew about Columbus~
EK and SJ wrote actual facts while little three traced the name and date. 
We took a group photo of all our projects. 

The final Funday activity was tied to lunch. 
We cut circles out of bread and painted little earths using food coloring water. 
They cut little boats from cheese and we baked in the oven~
Our little worlds were the perfect addition to lunch! 

It has been a lot of fun learning about God's call on Christopher Columbus' life~
Definitely a Funday Monday!!!


  1. Sharon, you continue to amaze me. I have that book totally forgot about Columbus day. LOL I need to be way better at planning these things. I do have a plan for Thanksgiving though. So fun how you tied the food into it. You are brilliant. :)

    Aren't the beautiful feet books AWESOME!!!!

  2. AHHH...I too have this on my shelf and totally forgot about it! At least the day isn't over. I would love to hear your tips for homeschool planning! This is an area I really need to grow in!