Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Friday {Leaves}~

Today was all about leaves.
We read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert brainstorming things we could create with our own leaves.
We headed out to collect anything they could use for their nature masterpiece~
We found a great app called Leaf Snap that was able to help us identify all the leaves we chose.
As we learned the names, we labeled each one.
I gave them sticky paper and they began creating~ 
All flat items went between two pieces of sticky paper and then we added details with sweet gum balls, acorns, sticks, and pinecones with hot glue.
I did not help any of them... even Evie said, Do it myself. :)

We added a stick and ribbon and hung them in our sunroom.
SO beautiful with the sun streaming through each one~
 SJ reminded me we always cook on FF so I shuffled around to come up with something.
Pretzels, bananas, and mandarin oranges... they made trees. :)
I read Scaredy Squirrel while they ate. Cute!!!

For Writing I printed a photo of their creation and they wrote about it in their journal~
For Math I just pulled out pattern blocks and we created various things.
Definitely one of our favorite days!!!

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  1. LOVE it ALL....will have to check out the app...sounds great. Can't wait to wrap up pumpkins and move to leaves, LEAF MAN is a favorite...our leaves just started turning this weekend!