Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dress Up Day {Halloween}~

Halloween is such an exciting day for kids so why fight it?
Decided to use the excitement in my favor 
and have everyone dress in their costume first thing this morning... 
 To get photo shoot done of course and they did not disappoint!!!
Real camera shots on Everything Beautiful!

We were so excited to have Addie and Slate over today~
 After he went down for nap, we dressed, went out for photos, and then back in for a little cooking: 
Thumpkin Pumpkin Pies.
See the vote below~
Most were not a fan of the pumpkin pie filling! Ha!
Clearly Payne and Evie didn't go with the majority. :)

I printed everyone's costume photo and we added them to our journals~
A great memory recorded!
And last but not least we found books that went with all the costumes and read every single one~
EK: Wizard of Oz {Dorothy} ~watching movie for rest
SJ: {Unicorn}~ Goldilicious
PC: {Knight}~ The Knight and the Dragon
WP: {Pirate)~ How I Became a Pirate
EC: {Ladybug}~ Shaoey and Dot.... tears while reading. :)

And this is just the beginning... 
have a feeling I will crash come bedtime.
Dress Up Day... Halloween~ A GREAT Day!!!

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  1. You always pull out ALL the stops!! Books to match the costumes!! Just PERFECT!!!! Loved the kids Halloween sets!!