Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dress Up Day {Halloween}~

Halloween is such an exciting day for kids so why fight it?
Decided to use the excitement in my favor 
and have everyone dress in their costume first thing this morning... 
 To get photo shoot done of course and they did not disappoint!!!
Real camera shots on Everything Beautiful!

We were so excited to have Addie and Slate over today~
 After he went down for nap, we dressed, went out for photos, and then back in for a little cooking: 
Thumpkin Pumpkin Pies.
See the vote below~
Most were not a fan of the pumpkin pie filling! Ha!
Clearly Payne and Evie didn't go with the majority. :)

I printed everyone's costume photo and we added them to our journals~
A great memory recorded!
And last but not least we found books that went with all the costumes and read every single one~
EK: Wizard of Oz {Dorothy} ~watching movie for rest
SJ: {Unicorn}~ Goldilicious
PC: {Knight}~ The Knight and the Dragon
WP: {Pirate)~ How I Became a Pirate
EC: {Ladybug}~ Shaoey and Dot.... tears while reading. :)

And this is just the beginning... 
have a feeling I will crash come bedtime.
Dress Up Day... Halloween~ A GREAT Day!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday {Pumpkin Carving Day}~

Today we took a field trip through the book A Day at the Pumpkin Patch and learned all about the pumpkin life cycle.
After all our regular school stuff was done,
we headed out to carve our pumpkin~
 Everyone tried to pick it up but just couldn't do it.
We weighed it and would you believe it weighed exactly the same as Evie? Ha

Next we labeled the parts we could see: stem, rind, ribs, and blossom end. Next we measured how tall it was and also the stem. We estimated the number of ribs then counted. EK measured the circumference too~
 Then it was time to start the carving...
we cut the lid and everyone dug in {except Evie who kept saying oooo because of the smell} and Payne decided it was ok after a little while watching.
EK has been learning about adjectives in language so we made a list of describing words as we pulled out the pulp/seeds.
SO much fun separating the seeds so we could bake/eat later!
We made a list of possible faces... Evie was the deciding vote of Happy~
 She did not come near us much as we cleaned but was very curious once the face started to take form.
She even pulled out the nose {Huge courage!}.
We named him Jacko, made our pic, and came in to bake the seeds.
EVERYONE {big deal} LOVED them!!!
Wonderful Wednesday~ Our Jack-o-lantern is ready for Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Week~

Our book for the first two days this week has been The Pumpkin Patch Parable~
 Yesterday we read the book and painted pumpkins~
 and today we read again then made the faces!
5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate~
 Tomorrow the life cycle and carving!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Friday {Leaves}~

Today was all about leaves.
We read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert brainstorming things we could create with our own leaves.
We headed out to collect anything they could use for their nature masterpiece~
We found a great app called Leaf Snap that was able to help us identify all the leaves we chose.
As we learned the names, we labeled each one.
I gave them sticky paper and they began creating~ 
All flat items went between two pieces of sticky paper and then we added details with sweet gum balls, acorns, sticks, and pinecones with hot glue.
I did not help any of them... even Evie said, Do it myself. :)

We added a stick and ribbon and hung them in our sunroom.
SO beautiful with the sun streaming through each one~
 SJ reminded me we always cook on FF so I shuffled around to come up with something.
Pretzels, bananas, and mandarin oranges... they made trees. :)
I read Scaredy Squirrel while they ate. Cute!!!

For Writing I printed a photo of their creation and they wrote about it in their journal~
For Math I just pulled out pattern blocks and we created various things.
Definitely one of our favorite days!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaf Art~

We LOVE Wonderful Wednesday because it's Art Day.
Today was Leaf Printing!
EK and SJ went out and collected some beautiful leaves with good veins for us to paint.
We began with Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf then onto the fun part~
 Painting and Printing... made everyone so happy~
 I think they turned out beautiful~
A Wonderful Wednesday with Leaf Art!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Leaf Study~

We are changing it up just a little this week.
The leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall so it's the perfect time for A Leaf Study.
We headed out for the last hour before lunch yesterday morning for a leaf hunt~
 In addition to leaves, we found webs in the grass with little spiders, wonderful wooded areas to explore, beautiful rocks, limbs to hang from, and ummm.... the leaves!

After a great romp, we headed back in for lunch and a couple of surprises.
I laminated our favorite leaves to keep them safe as we handle them each day this week and finally into our journals.
We also began a list of what we are observing about Fall~
 I introduced the girls to a couple of nature books, magnifying glasses, and binoculars we will be using in our study too.
Evie was very excited to find our leaf observing trays when she woke up from her nap.
It's going to be a great week!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Calendar Teacher~

I have pretty much lead calendar most days but decided it was time the girls took some of that responsibility.
SJ wanted to try it first~
Introducing the Calendar Teacher!
 I'd say she's got it under control.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Reading and Puzzles~

A friend of mine suggested I get Billy and Blaze for EK since she is such a huge horse girl.
Today this was our selection for reading time and she read all 56 pages... LOVED it!
It was written in the year my dad was born~ Awesome and made for some great discussion of then/now~
I had her choose her favorite part {page with horse AND dog} and we made a copy of that page. It is drawn in all black and white so she added color and did some copy work. 
I already know she is going to want the rest... OY! 

 Little littles are doing a great job on their activities and as I was going through some of our stuff I almost put the 'baby' puzzles away but had a great idea~
I chose 5 of the puzzles and dumped all the pieces in a container then put them out to see what would happen.
Bingo... the two that need language practice took the bait.
They worked so well sorting pieces into the puzzles and we spent time naming everything, making sounds, and just talking...
then Evie had the idea of walking on them. 
{Come on Payne!} and he followed. :)
They cleaned up all on their own.
Will try it again tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reading Girls~

EK will tell you in a heart beat she LOVES to read and today she decided to read Dr. Seuss to SJ~
What a great role model because SJ decided SHE would read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to the three littles.
Yay for the Reading Girls!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Funday Monday {Happy Columbus Day}~

Today we had a celebration to finalize our Columbus unit in our history curriculum {Beautiful Feet}~

I kind of took an easy path and sought out ideas on Pinterest. 
I found an idea of hand tracing for ships and changed it to hand painting adding details with markers, stickers, and coffee filters~
While we worked, we watched a couple of videos to reinnerate what we had learned already. 
The girls read a little book to the boys and then added it to their journals. 

Next we worked on a math little book and everyone wrote something they knew about Columbus~
EK and SJ wrote actual facts while little three traced the name and date. 
We took a group photo of all our projects. 

The final Funday activity was tied to lunch. 
We cut circles out of bread and painted little earths using food coloring water. 
They cut little boats from cheese and we baked in the oven~
Our little worlds were the perfect addition to lunch! 

It has been a lot of fun learning about God's call on Christopher Columbus' life~
Definitely a Funday Monday!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

EK's Deer Fact Book~

Today the kids wanted to work in the sunroom and it went very well~

The 3 youngest worked on apple trees today tearing paper... great fine motor work!
EK has really enjoyed her White-Tailed Deer book this week.
Truly she would always choose a non-fiction read over fiction any day!
Today after finishing the whole book, she decided to make a book of her favorite facts.
Once complete she read it to a very captivated audience.
Good job EK~ we LOVED your book!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today as we read How to Bake an Apple Pie we paid close attention to the illustrations especially the city scape.
We also needed a change of scenery so had school in the family room around the coffee table!
I gave each a piece of paper and we decided if you can draw a rectangle~
 You can draw a city scape.
EK used crayons to add color and SJ water colored... 
the other three are still working on their masterpiece. :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A New Week~

 We read it again today and began introducing the new Preschool drawers~
They have loved every single activity!

Just documenting EK's reading right now...
I have begun allowing her to choose her own books for reading time and when at the library she is choosing carefully~
 This week she has been reading about White-Tailed Deer since we have lots in our yard all year long.
She reads with ease and loves the captions for the photos.
I have her write a few important facts in her journal and draw an illustration.
LOVE that reading is her favorite subject especially if she's reading about animals.

I have also decided a menu post is just not what I want on my blog when it comes time to print so I will not be posting that anymore.
Tacos tonight. :)


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Preschool Drawers~

Change of month means change of Preschool Drawers.
As I was working on the activities, Evie was already busy~
She really wants to do what the boys are doing so I have incorporated her activities in with their drawers.
She is very excited!!!

Each drawers contains:
1 ABC activity
1 Number activity
1 Fine Motor activity
1 Game/Fun activity
Chunk books

 Name matching with Clothespins
Lacing and Tie activity
Patterning with frog counters
Teapot Shape Game
Chunk Books

ABC match and puzzle
Number lacing onto strings
Cube Creations
Punch circles from various paper
3 chunk books

 Letter Stamp Names
Free Play Stamps into Journals
Playdough numbers
Magnetic Clothes play
Chunk books

 Name Lacing onto a pipe cleaner
Ice Cream matching game
Counting apple seeds with unifix cubes
Brown bear, Brown bear puzzles/reading
Chunk books

I have found on Fridays we don't get to drawers that much but I did put a few favorite things in just in case.
They could also be used if they finish up early.

I am starting ABC baskets with them as well printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
They will do all 5 of these each day and think I will only cover one letter every two weeks just so they have plenty of time to grasp.
I am excited about October's drawers and know they will enjoy working together!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Friday~ {Apples, Apples, Apples}

Today was all about Apples.

We began by Reading our new row How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World and I can already tell it is going to be a favorite~
It was very fun to find all the wonderful places on the map and then compare our apple pie recipe to the one in the book.
Ankerich Apple Pies~
roll out crescent roll
spray with butter
sprinkle with Cinn sugar
add apple slice
roll, butter, sprinkle again and bake
Yum! Yum! Yum! 

While they baked, we worked on our Art/Math project~
 We painted paper plate apples, added leaves/stems, and EK/SJ helped everyone use a ruler to make INCH worms.
EK/SJ had to find 6 things that measured 1'-6' and record in their journal.
The little ones just free explored with their inch worms.
Once complete, we added them to our worms for more measuring later.

Then we were on to Writing~
I printed a photo of their favorite part of our day yesterday:
EK~ petting the horses
SJ~ walking down to and under the waterfall
PC~ the pumpkin patch
WP~ going in the little cave
EC~ apple picking eating :)
They all wrote about their fav in their journals!
Last but not least, I reread our story while they ate their yummy little apple pies.
It was a Favorite Fun Friday!
Apples, Apples, Apples!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mountains Field Trip

Staying with Fall tradition we loaded the truck and headed out first thing this morning 
with apple orchards, pumpkins, waterfalls, and hiking on our minds.
Our first stop was Bryson's Apple Orchard in Mountain Rest, SC~
  We didn't make it very far into the orchard before the kids were picking apples and eating them. DElicious!!!
Everyone loved picking and carrying bags/buckets~
 Once we were loaded down with two buckets full, 
we chose a few things from the store {apple butter, apple salsa, and a couple of fried apple pies}~
Then we were back on the road looking for the other things on our list!
As we passed through Clayton we stopped @ The Dillard House to pet the animals~
 Probably the highlight of EK's day... petting the horses!
Back in the truck and on up the mountain toward Highlands.
Guess what we found? A beautiful Waterfall! 
With our field guide in hand, we began our Hike down to the bottom~
 And were thrilled to walk BEHIND the fall, crawl into a cave, and climb rock walls~
 All we could say is GOD is awesome to create such beauty!
Our next stop was the beautiful town of Highlands, NC~
 We walked around for a while window shopping and going in a couple of shops.
Then the kids spied a cute pumpkin patch so we let them play around for a while and chose our pumpkin... YAY, done!
We walked down to a local grocery, ordered some pizzas, and ate a picnic dinner outside.
After a day of travel through 3 different states, we were able to check off everything on our list:
Apple Orchard, Animal Petting, Hiking, Waterfall, Caves, Pumpkin Patch, and Ice Cream!
Around the Mountain and back Home! 
Safe and Sound!!