Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Friday: Mouse Paint Day~

Because the main character for lots of Kevin Henkes books is a mouse, 
I decided to continue the mouse theme using a different book.
I actually did a couple of these activities with them last year 
but they didn't remember so it was awesome.
I started by READing the book Mouse Paint 
and allowing them to interact with the story using their mouse puppets~
 Already in our paint shirts we moved to the table to begin our own ART mouse painting.
First for the little kids we played find the colors and began doing a little color mixing... 
oh the magic!
After mixing the colors we used them to paint a sunset 
(one of God's most beautiful masterpieces) 
and then WROTE about color mixing in our journals~
 Giving everything time to dry, we moved to MATH using a color die and graph, 
they played roll-a-color. 
It was so fun to watch the little littles find the one that 'won' 
and the big girls did some adding of colors on the back...
perfect for all levels~
Next was our COOKING for the day... Rainbow toast and milk.
We mixed colors using milk and food coloring then painted right onto a piece of bread.
They picked their favorite color to make their milk so fun, toasted the bread, 
and enjoyed a fun rainbow snack~ 
 Back to the school room to finish up our Mouse Paint masterpieces, 
we added three little white mice and called it perfect~
 A perfect Fun Friday: Mouse Paint Day!

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  1. Oh my goodness , this is too fun! I'll have to remember Mouse Paint Day!