Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This morning SJ walked into the kitchen with two magnets and said, "Watch this, Mom"... one way they 'stuck' and the other they didn't. I began asking little questions and before you know it, we were doing a full fledged science project.
~ We watched a great youtube explaining magnets and history.
~ We played with our Magnetics set.
~ We made a chart of two properties and they went on a scavenger hunt for both items.
~ We wrote in new journals.
I guess we sort of tried out the awesome philosophy of Unschooling...  the girls really like the spontaneity of it~

When I taught school, I scoured teacher books for new ideas and ways to teach my students in the summer. Now I scour twitter filled with my favorite websites and pin them to my wall for later use. 

This morning I clicked on a great Writing post because EK really struggles with interest in writing. 
It made perfect sense...
"To start the creative juices flowing, her method consisted of asking questions about what I needed to write. I stood by her desk as she posed different questions and typed my answers. Then we would refine and edit together. Repeatedly we did this but sometimes she would be busy and ask me to work alone until she could help. Making me write on my own worked. She passed along ownership of the writing process. As if she were standing beside me, I can still hear her voice prompting me as I write."
I decided this was the perfect answer to EK's writer's block each time she sits down to a blank page. 

I had an idea...
I had she and SJ sit down in the interview chair and I began to ask them questions about magnets. Before we knew it, I had written quite a bit about what they had learned. I had EK copy almost all of her narrative and we highlighted one sentence for SJ to copy. They read it back to me once complete.
Writing DONE! and it was pretty pain free! 
It wasn't long before the younger three wanted their new journals and we were ALL writing in our own ways.  

This was a great way to sum it all up~ 
If your child is reading great literature, narrating to you, and learning the mechanics of writing, it’s not that complicated to teach the writing process. After all, you have twelve wonderful years to equip them with good language skills, listen to their stories, and encourage them to read great literature.
Keep on homeschooling!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Morning Work~

Today while scrolling through Bloglovin I found a great post from Teach Mama called Tabletop Surprises and thought I would try the first one out. It was definitely a hit with both the girls and the boys~
 Each one working at their own level and writing without even knowing they were doing so... school incognito~
 Already looking forward to surprising them tomorrow morning!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Writing Time~

With our laid back summer schedule, I have done a lot of reading especially about teaching preschool/K age. One thing I keep reading over and over is how important play is in learning and not rushing the curriculum stuff. {Actually knew that}... Since backing off the academics so to speak this summer for the boys has given them to time to mature and grow.

As we put the playroom together, I left a table in the sun room with all sorts of writing and coloring items. So far they really haven't shown much interest but today WP surprised me! He drew something on both sides of a piece of paper and then added 4+ colors {I tell them have to add same number of colors as their age}~
He was so excited to show me and I asked him to tell me about his drawing... I wrote exactly what he told me giving him something to read to anyone that would listen. He was so proud to hang it in our kitchen and he rubbed off on the other two~
I have always believed if kids can feel sucessful with writing/drawing, reading will flow smoothly later. LOVE these little writers!!!