Friday, September 28, 2012

Rainbow Day Fun Friday~

In the story The Big Green Pocketbook, the mom and little girl visit a jewelry store with stones all colors of the rainbow.
I decided we would enjoy Rainbow Day for Fun Friday.
The day began with a breakfast of rainbow eggs and oatmeal muffins in rainbow bowls~

We invited Max over for the festivities and got to the fun.
First we read our bible story... Noah and the Ark of course and proceeded to our major art project~
 Then we read a Rainbow Stew Poem, tore paper as we read, and ended up with a pot of stew~
 Max and WP LOVED this... especially the stirring. :)
We also made rainbow bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners~
  Next was our make a book project... they each chose a boy sticker to stick on the front to be Roy. I wrote his name across the rainbow pages... ROY G BIV and they had to find something in a magazine that was each color. LOVED it!
Then it was time for snack. I just happened to have Lucky Charms in the pantry (Rosie's fav) so we sorted, counted, and wrote number sentences for our math project. I also had rainbow sherbet so we enjoyed that too~
 I think their favorite activity was making rainbows using a glass of water and a flashlight!
 Fun Friday is never complete without a little outside time~
Rainbow Day was indeed a very Fun Friday!!! 
Our wonderful projects~

Thursday, September 27, 2012


 We compared the two animals in the story using a VENN diagram~

 and I pulled a game for centers that I have had for years and the girls loved it!
Silly Sentences... they pulled a word with certain color (part of speech) and then EK read it to them.
You can tell SJ thought this was hilarious!!!
Never know what they might think is fun. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art Day {Mixing Colors}~

In The Big Green Pocketbook, the little girl and her mom go to the drugstore and have an ice cream.
They painted three scoops as primary colors and three scoops as secondary colors. We sang our color song and had a beautiful page for their notebook!
Color Song:
Primary Colors,
Primary Colors, 
Red, Yellow and Blue. 
Primary Colors,
Primary Colors, 
Red, Yellow and Blue. 
Secondary Colors,
Secondary Colors,
Green, Orange, and Purple,
Secondary Colors,
Secondary Colors,
Green, Orange, and Purple,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SJ's Reading Workshop

SJ is very serious about her reading workshop and wants to be just like EK! In addition to word work and reading her little book, I have added an extension to her reading time. She creates a little book that mirrors her reading texts giving her a writing connection to the reading. Each day before reading she cuts a favorite food out of her magazine, glues it on the page, and writes the words. By the end of the week, the book will be completely done.

I believe it's very important for children to see how reading and writing are just mirrors of each other. Teaching children that anything spoken can be written and then read is truly powerful!

Today as we began Quiet Reading after lunch, EK was reading out loud right beside SJ. I remembered little 'whisper phones' I had in my teaching closet and got them out for each one. They are just PVC elbow pipes from hardware store in which they barely whisper and can hear themselves loud and clear. Made Quiet Reading the perfect reading time!


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Big Green Pocketbook~

This week's row is The Big Green Pocketbook.

I had to change it up just a little to benefit WP so they each got a regular green gift bag.

We spent time today learning about story mapping and did just that with this book. They glued down the places to create a map and matched story pieces to it as well.

They will use this each day to follow along and retell the story. They are also looking for real objects from the story to go in their bags.

A really cute story!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Blueberry Fun Friday~

Blueberry Fun Friday was the celebration of a week with Blueberries for Sal~
Activities included:
Dressing in a blue outfit!
Morning Routine~ bible and prayer, calendar
Storytime~ Blueberries for Sal
Make a Book~ animals in story
Bake blueberry muffins
Blueberry bubble painting
Nature walk to neighbor's yard to observe her blueberry bushes
Back inside to make blueberry cool aid playdough
Snack~ Blueberries, muffins, and blueberry juice
A 'Berry' Fun Friday :) 

(On Fridays~ we try to hit the 3Rs in a very relaxed way:
 LA~ read Blueberries for Sal, Math~ measured while baking, Writing~ make a book.
Shhh... it's a secret~ they think they are having a free day. LOL)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blueberries for Sal

We are rowing Blueberries for Sal this week and we love it! Today before we read it, I hid a carton of blueberries in our Mystery Box. After they finally guessed what was inside, we had a tasting party. The photo of the three of them show the face they made when they tried them although I already knew what they would do. EK ended up eating almost the whole carton. We also read a Non fiction book about blueberries and wrote 3 facts we learned. A bluelicious day~

Yesterday I found a $1 set of cars at Walmart and thought they would make a great manipulative for working on colors with WP. I made a little neighborhood with a street and he had to drive the 6 cars to their matching house. That was a cinch but when I asked him what color the blue one was he said orange. I asked him to show me the orange car and he knew it along with most others. We will continue working until he can name the colors but for now we are celebrating what he DOES know! Yay WP~

Definitely focusing on BLUE this week!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Word Work~

Every day EK reads from some sort of reader on her level. She has really LOVED the Katie Woo books we found at the library. As she reads to me, I make notes of words she can work on for Word Work.

Also after she reads, I have her retell every single detail she can remember. Next she decides her favorite part or the main idea and writes at least one sentence about the story. She's a great role model for SJ!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Math Fun~

What to do with the numerous egg cartons we empty each week?

Make more games- Make Math Fun!

Today I put two dice in the carton (1-12 one and 1-6 one) and had EK shake to see what numbers appeared. She was able to choose addition or subtraction, record number sentence, and add answer.

When finished with at least 7 problems, I had her switch them to opposite sign so if it was addition, she had to write a subtraction problem. Because we had some problems in the teens, we practiced using the number line. A fun way to practice addition and subtraction.


And just because it's cute, posting a photo of the little fancies SJ is adding to her letters lately. :)



Monday, September 10, 2012

Quiet Reading Time~

Each day after lunch we may finish up some school things from the morning but most days we just have quiet reading time~
 WP is of course napping and each of the girls have their quiet reading box stuffed with all kinds of reading materials:
little books they have made, little books from reading workshop, magazines, library books, chapter books, a pointer, flashlight, and highlighter.
Only rules:
read to yourself, read to each other, anywhere you choose.
Today they were SO surprised to see me crawl into the boxcar with them so we could read our next chapter.
The look of SJ's face was priceless!
 I have found Quiet Reading Time a time for ME to read as well!
Yay! SO good!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday in the Woods~

Ask Mr. Bear had several settings but the woods was probably the most intriguing so we planned our Fun Friday to take a walk through the woods behind our house.
We packed backpacks with books, journals, and snacks.
We invited Max to join us and went over to pick him up on the golf cart. 
 We headed down through our backyard stopping at the swing for snack and to hear our story, Ask Mr. Bear.
We talked about what we might see along the way... hoping for a bear and a snake... me? Neither one please!
It was pretty much follow EK down the hill toward the lake.
Everyone had boots on just in case we veered off the beaten path
(and yes, WP needs his own rain boots:).

We finally made it down to our dried up cove on the lake~
and there was much exploring to do.
We made our way to the dock and spread a blanket for resting, reading, writing, and snacking (again).
Everyone thought of what they noticed along the way that God made and wrote about it in their journal.
The sweetest breeze was blowing and I could have stayed all morning just praying and being still.
Wasn't long before we started back UP the hill.

What to do other than take a dip after such a long trip?
We came back, shed our clothes, and swam for a while...
ate lunch on the breezeway...
rode bikes...
went to Max's backyard for a while...
back to swim just a smidge longer...
and I voted for MOVIE afternoon!!!
Think that is going to be the reward for a great week for students and a time for teacher Mom to get a few things done around the house. 
I think EK pretty much summed it up when she said,
"Mom this was the best Fun Friday ever!"
Have to agree~ SO fun but I am plum worn out!!! :)

Morning Routine and Reading Time~

Each morning it is SJ's job to choose a new state for the day.
I think one of the best things EK ever got for her birthday was this talking globe~ they LOVE it!
After choosing the state, the girls work together to find it on the globe and then on the flat world map.
 They have their own US map in their calendar notebooks and color the new state in.
LOVE when they hear a state someplace and immediately know if they have colored it in or not.
WP usually chooses something off his shelf to do as well... this day he was working on matching uppercase letters.

During reading EK and SJ have a reading drawer with their reading items inside.
While I am reading with one, the other is doing word work.
This week I introduced Scrabble to EK but in a revised way:
*we set up the board and dumped the letters
*chose a sight word from her cannister
*we both made a word somewhere on the board
*added up our letters to see which word won
After all words had been made, we saw who had the most word points.
Later on, we will play for real but for now this works great!

SJ's sight words this week have been color words.
She has practiced matching color sticks to words and today I wrote the words in pencil on paper.

She had to match the word to a dot painter and dot each letter of the word.
SO fun learning new words and they can't wait to do more tomorrow!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ask Mr. Bear~

This week we have rowed Ask Mr. Bear and LOVED it!
 This book was published in 1932... 4 years before my daddy was born... that is CRAZY!
Had this not been part of our language arts curriculum, BFIAR, I would never have chosen it for the littles.
It is old, seems to have boring illustrations, and not in our fav book pile BUT this week it has been a HIT!

The Farm is always such a fun unit to do and this book lends itself with farm animal characters.
I ordered Draw, Write, Now: On the Farm and added it to our morning routine.
Each little has enjoyed drawing a new animal each day, discussing its role in our story, and discussing what we know about it.

One of the favorite parts is a little question on each page...
we talk about what we know, make a list of what we want to find out, and type the question into safari.
We have found awesome YouTube videos teaching new information about the animals.
Today we watched how sheep farmers in Australia sheer their sheep for wool~ SO cool!

Ask Mr. Bear: such a great little book and plan to row it again next week!

PS... Today is a special aunt's bd and birthdays just happens to be the main idea of this story SO 
for Art we made extra special big birthday bear hug cards!!!
 Happy birthday Aunt Susan... we'll be over later to sing!