Monday, August 6, 2012

Jenny's Summer Surprise/Kittens for Keeps

Today we began our new BFIAR book~ Jenny's Summer Surprise/Kittens for Keeps.
The setting is the beach so we all dressed in swimsuits for school. 
The day started with our Mystery Box~ 3 clues and lots of guessing... a seashell.
 After reading the story, we wrote about visiting our grandma (Memommy) and they were priceless!
EK: I like to rub Jack's belly. Jack is Memommy's dog. He is Pop's dog.
SJ: I like to swing in Memommy's baby swing.
WP: Will Perry. Memommy.
 Afterwards, they added their story to their notebooks. :)

During reading workshop, both girls have word sticks we play a game with each day.
While I played with one, the other chose five and wrote them on the window. I had EK erase her words one at a time and try to spell them back to me~ spelling. :)
After sticks game, I did a guided reading lesson with each. Funny little story... I handed SJ her book and asked her to take a picture walk before we read together. 
(Just a strategy most reading teachers do with students where they look through the pictures and get the jist of the story.)
I am pretty sure I have said this to SJ before but for some reason this time, she actually got up and walked around the house looking at the pictures. LOVE!

This afternoon, we read Mr. Seahorse and Seahorses before our Art lesson for the day~
They colored on a sandpaper seahorse, we ironed it to white paper, cut it out, and glued to painted background. Loved it!

And what else could we do late this afternoon when everyone had been in swimsuits all day~
Swim, of course! 

Just a few highlights of our day...  


  1. I am tired just reading about it. Go mom!

  2. Amazing!!! Can I have a step-by-step guide to the sand paper sea horses? I want to do this my school children!! I'm LOVING this new blog Shay. SO inspiring!! :) xoxo!!

  3. You're doing Common Core with the seahorse fiction and nonfiction! Didn't know if you knew that or not. :) Love the picture walk!

  4. Love the picture walk story, something my literal Miss Natalie would do too! How fun to have school in swimsuits and then take a dip in the pool at the end of the day!