Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Year~

We had the most restful holiday enjoying each other and celebrating Christmas.
Book work went out the window but we read books, did handicrafts, baked, and read more books.
We even got some really cool things for Christmas we could learn from: microscope, circuits, legos, and lots of games!
Once we were ready to get back to learning, we eased in with science, sketching, and handicrafts~
 We had shoved our Apologia aside but because EK got a huge Ocean Encyclopedia for Christmas, we brought it back~
 Everyone did an awesome job finding something interesting to sketch and paint~

We also picked up our Beautiful Feet Geography study: Minn on the Mississippi~

And with all this water study, we chose Swiss Family Robinson for our read aloud.
Actually our Listen aloud.
We love choosing a story we can listen to while drawing, working, or eating~
Today after listening to the first chapter, we watched the movie and compared what we already knew so far.
Watching the movie definitely gives them a point of reference and a way to visualize the story.
We will watch it again when we finish the story.

EK and SJ also LOVE reading along with the text via book or kindle.
I can totally promise LISTENING to a story while following along is just as good as reading it alone!
They choose to listen to stories over and over too!
I let them turn on a story every day during their room time.

I have witnessed the vocabulary explosion as well as story play over the last year.
Believe me, it's not cheating... it's smart!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Learning~

Homeschooling is a lifestyle.
Learning as we live.
Through the days before Christmas we are reading books and enjoying treats~

Opening gifts to share game time~

and allowing learning to organically happen like yesterday when Evie grabbed her journal~
and began copying all the names from our gifts.
Everyone followed her lead then we read more stories along with more treats!
Hope you're enjoying your holidays too!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Art Study~

Our Simply Charlotte Mason is definitely one of our favorite weekly studies, and we are on our second this year: Van Gogh~
I added a few go along books to enrich our study including this book with a project at the end~
Everyone chose to draw their own masterpiece then add a starry night background~

The Ankerich Van Goghs~
We keep all our art study materials in this basket from Target~

And EK drew this beautiful postcard for Memommy~
Love the artists that are blooming here each day!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Movie & Muffins~

In living the#bravewriterlifestyle, we tried Friday Movie Night but we're young ones who need sleep and the movie often ran into our bedtime. SO we compromised and began a new tradition today. Saturday Morning Movie & Muffins~

And to continue that alliteration we watched Mulan. It was the perfect time because kids just want to veg with tv on Saturday mornings anyway. Thank you @juliebravewriter for a beautiful model in schooling our children.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Favorite Schooling Tool~

A Recipe Book Holder!!!
We found them on Amazon~
 and they hold all sizes of books open for the kids to draw and write from~
 Just look at their beautiful sketching~
A GREAT tool to have handy!!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Writing Boys~

I moved the boys' rolling cart into their room with books, journals, and drawing caddy~
 They have gone crazy copying and drawing out of their books~
I LOVE when they come up with things on their own and don't even know they are learning!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


SJ and I picked up a 500 piece puzzle at the $1 store and have been hooked every since~
We finished it in a couple of days and painted a few coats of modge podge on it.
Now it is sealed together and we can't wait to start another one!!!