Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Maps~

School is pretty much back in full swing around here
and Calla is right in the middle of it doing her own amazing thing~

I saw these cool Map Pops on a friend's wall and ordered them for our room~
 It was fun to hang them then stand back and hear the conversation of what they knew.

We are actually trying out a new learning tool this week~
Bigger Heart for His Glory {Heart of Dakota}
and I LOVE how music/singing is incorporated into the plans~
I pulled out a favorite Sing to Learn & our Steve Green scripture CDs
and loaded them into my Itunes account.
It was awesome to see Evie and Calla's face light especially when I turned on the music.
It is definitely their love language/learning style!!!
The others loved it too and all know their memory verse even better because of it!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Block Love~

Every child should have a set of blocks in their home!
I don't care if they seem babyish or old fashioned.
Our kids LOVE them and build amazing things every day.
Up until today they have been thrown in a big box.
I asked Evie is she would like to help me organize them and she said YES!~
 We traced the blocks in the colors of the rainbow and taped them to the shelf~
 The structures they have built since organizing are amazing.
EK used all of them to create this wall around Calla~
 And Payne created this cathedral~
There is much learning going on with this cabinet of blocks~ maybe even raising a few engineers.
A little effort can go a long way in building greatness!
{Mama, tell Ms. Gay we are still using a shelf Mr. Glen made you long ago!}

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun Friday: {Beautiful Feet Geography & Nature Study}~

Friday's enrichment is nature and we throw in a little Beautiful Feet Geography too.
Today we pulled out our maps and colored while listening to Tree in the Trail~
 Even Calla has her own map and does her own thing.

Because Tree in the Trail is very nature oriented, we headed outside to find something God made~
 I'm amazed daily how much Calla understands and gets what we are doing.
She walked behind everyone else and picked up what they chose.
We taped our treasures to an index card then headed in to label and add to nature journals~
 One last thing we have loved doing on Fridays for about three weeks now is
Brave Writer's Free Write Frenzy where I time them for 5 min
and they must write the whole time without picking up their pencils~
The first time Payne and Will just wrote their names over and over and over
but this time they actually wrote words!
It has become a contest with themselves... they want to write more words each time~
Calla is very good at scribbling which is a step in the writing process too~
A Fun Friday for sure!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why I Love FIAR!~

On Wednesdays our enrichment is SCM Art Study and we are enjoying Monet.
As we read about him and looked at one of his paintings,
they learned he lived in Paris and this sparked their interest to read Madeline again.

THAT is Why I love FIAR {Five in a Row}...
there is always a connection to a beloved book that the kids want to read.
We of course chose Madeline's Rescue and even found 'Monet' painting by the bridge~

Everyone grabbed paint and brushes to create their own masterpiece.
This was the first time Calla had shown an interest in painting so watching Evie, she learned to watercolor~

EK & SJ~

PC & WP~

EC, HM, & CA~

We found the movie on YouTube and watched it as well~
We chose one activity to do with Madeline for three days and everyone loved it!

Odds and Ends~

Calla is learning SO much by watching her siblings especially Evie~
 Our Magformers are by FAR one of the favorite toys around our house!
Our wooden blocks are super popular too and after Evie made this amazing castle~
She asked me to take photos so she could make a book.
It turned out cute especially since SJ let her borrow these awesome Gel Pens!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Nature Friday~

The kids are forever finding a Nature Treasure in our yard
so when EK found this little egg, everyone was excited to see WHAT would hatch!
EK made the softest, safest nest for it and waited for almost two weeks.
Today the tiniest little lizard stared at us through the glass jar~
 Everyone ran to find our nature books and field guides.
I decided it was time to have a nature shelf and it has been a popular place to be~
Natural and organic learning happens even with no planning and just trusting our children to choose their learning!!!
We LOVE little Momo, our baby lizard!